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This web site is for research and development related to Aether physics. If you wish to become a participant, contact the site administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Social Media platform is for discussing the ideas presented here, but also for all alternative physics theories. The ability to network and socialize alternative physics ideas has been choked off by academia and Big Science, and so Aetherwizard is providing the venue we all need.

As for the ideas of the Aether Physics Model, they are based on the laws of physics and their purpose is to give us both a practical understanding of the physical world, but also a meaningful understanding of the greater non-material world. 

We have been taught to believe that only the material aspect of reality is real. Yet our mind, our feelings, space, time, the units of measurement, light, the fundamental forces, life, and numerous aspects of our physical existence are actually non-material, and yet they are also very real and even quantifiable. Take the unit of velocity; it is quantified in many ways, but simplified as length per time, or length times frequency. Velocity is not a material thing of itself, and yet we measure it with precision. Velocity is a non-material aspect of reality, which applies to the material world. 

The pages of this web site only begin to reveal the vastness of the Aether Physics Model, its depth, and its extended usage in science and in every day life. When the errors of the Standard Model (SM) of physics are understood and corrected, we can easily unify the fundamental forces using simple Newtonian type force laws. We can factor out a common denominator from the force "constants" and see that the fundamental forces have a common source. We can further see, mathematically, how this common source arises from a singularity. 

We can also see that while the physical world exists in space-time (four dimensional), it is merely a subset of a much greater reality existing in space-resonance (five dimensional). Imagine there are living beings on a three dimensional world (area-time). We do this every day when we watch television. We see these area-time dimensional worlds play out all kinds of scenarios, tell us the news, and tell us the weather. Our four dimensional reality with its extra dimension of length (space-time) is infinitely more vast in its experience than the three dimensional reality of area-time. Now imagine a five dimensional reality with an extra time dimension (space-resonance \(lengt{h^3} \times frequenc{y^2}\)) watching our physical world with as much interest. 

Contemplate the idea of how we four dimensional beings program the three dimensional televisions to provide different content and experiences. Now think about the five dimensional beings doing the same with our four dimensional world, but on a far grander scale and for far grander purposes. This is not fantasy. It is exactly what has been happening throughout the entire Universe to an infinite past, and it is what will continue to happen to an infinite future. The physical Universe did not pop up in a Big Bang, it exists for eternity.

Much more could be said right now, but that is what this web site is for, exploring our known physical realm, but also its connection to the non-material Fifth Dimension, of which the entire physical Universe is a very tiny part.

You ask, "What is time?" This is one of those red pill / blue pill moments.

If you take the blue pill, you will be told that time is the duration that passes from the past toward the future. You will believe in calendars, and watches. You will believe in birth, aging, and death. If you take the blue pill, you will see in your mind a world where the past and future are as real as the present, and where guilt and hatred are real; you will watch movies like Back to the Future, the Time Machine, and other time travel fantasies, and become immersed in the plots without questioning them.

If you want to take the blue pill, then leave now, and don't come back.

If you are still here, then you have chosen the red pill. What I am about to reveal to you will seem alien, and for most people, you won't be able to fully grasp the concept at first. It will take effort on your part to shift your perception in such a way as to turn your whole view of the physical world upside down, and yet, the world will become clearer to you than it ever has before. You will gain a sense of who and what you really are, and essentially wake up from a dream, while still being present within it.

Are you ready?

You have been conditioned to believe that time is the passage of duration from past toward future. You believe you have a past that is real, and a future that is equally real. You harbor thoughts of pride and guilt with regard to your past actions and accomplishments, and you have hopes and fears of your future actions and accomplishments. Your mind is continually filled with thoughts about both the past and the future.

Your mind is the center from where all this mental processing is taking place. Your body in the physical world is the machine through which your mind has built up its store of memories about the past, and your body is the machine through which you will enact your visions of the future. And yet, all of this takes place from your mind, which is always right here, and right now.

The present is always right here, and right now. Your mind is always anchored in the present. To your mind, there is no time, except that which it perceives through your body, and its interactions with other matter in the physical world. To your mind, time is a movie, enacted through the body, in which your mind is the script writer, the producer, the actor, and the audience.

In physics, time is a dimension. In physics, time also has a reciprocal dimension, which is frequency. When your mind lives in a world where everybody thinks in terms of time, you become so immersed in the movie that you believe you are the body; that you are experiencing the past and the future of the body and the world around it. In reality, your mind is living in a world that is only the present, and which all duration is actually a frequency. This is the alien concept I mentioned. You have been so conditioned to believe in time, that you have not been taught to look at the world from the perspective of the present. The present is right here, and right now, and everything is happening in space with vibration; there is no time.

You look around you and you see motion. You are taught that motion is length per time, because time is the flow of duration; from the past toward the future. But in reality, motion is equal to length times frequency. Instead of flowing through time and moving a length of say, five feet per second, you are in the present where objects move at five feet-hertz. In the present, there is a dynamic movement of an object's location being changed in intervals of one foot and being replicated five times.

From the perspective of a physical object within a physical world, that seems absurd. However, from the perspective of a mind, rooted firmly in the present, it is perfectly natural to step back and see physical change occurring as frequency from within the present. This is where the blue pill starts taking effect. By continually refocusing our awareness from the body as being our "self," to seeing our mind as being our "self," our mind becomes the center of our being, as opposed to choosing the body as the center of our being. As we realize there is no time, but that there is only frequency, our mind relaxes and experiences a sense of awakening. Without a real past to chase us down, or a real future to act as a wall to our progress, our mind learns new ways to interact with the world. Our mind again understands that it is the script writer, the producer, the actor, and the audience.

Since there is no time, and yet the physical world does exist, then the physical world must also be functioning based on frequency from within the present. Fortunately, our physical scientists have been able to explore reality down to the subatomic particles. When physicists observe subatomic particles they see that subatomic particles have a property referred to as "half-spin." Half-spin is described as requiring a spin of 720 degrees to complete one full cycle of the subatomic particle. Normally, an object in normal space requires only 360 degrees to complete a full cycle. However, half-spin is only figuratively described as a rotation, as the nature of spin has nothing to do with actual rotation. To the physicists, the nature of spin remains a mystery.

The mystery of half-spin is easily unraveled when we assume that the true nature of duration is frequency, as opposed to time. Time as we know it is the forward moving component of duration, however, if there is a forward moving duration, then like all other things in the Universe, which happen to have symmetry, there must also be a backward time direction. In fact, the present can be described as a rapid cycle of moving between forward time and backward time. The rate of this cycle, or vibration, between forward time and backward time can easily be induced by observing the speed limit of photons. If the rate of vibration between forward and backward time is twice the speed of photons, and subatomic particles only see the forward part of the duration cycle, then subatomic particles would have the property of half spin, and all physical matter would appear to be advancing in forward-time-only direction, even from within the present moment.

Thus, linear, forward time is an artifact of physical matter. This is true since all physical matter is composed of subatomic particles. Something in the structure of matter allows matter to only experience the forward time portion of the present's oscillation between forward and backward time. The mind, separate from the body, continues to experience the present, however the body, separate from the mind, experiences pulsed linear time in the forward time direction. In other words, physical matter is acting like a time-diode. Physical matter exists only in the present, but it "spins" in forward time.

Thus, the motion we see before us in the physical realm is not really occurring along a physical time line with a physical past and a physical future; the motion (velocity) we observe is happening right here in the present in the form of dynamic lengths. In reality, there is no time, just dynamic lengths, which happen within the context of frequency.

However, the spin of subatomic particles is more than a spin regarding forward-backward time. Subatomic particle half-spin also has a right-left spin characteristic to it. Antimatter (positrons and anti-protons) spin right, whereas normal matter (electrons and protons) spin left. Again, the right and left characterization is not literally meant in terms of spatial rotation. In this case, it is meant in terms of frequency rotation, or twisting. And so the Universe does not determine duration as linear time, but as two orthogonal frequencies (forward-backward time and right-left duration spin), or frequency squared. Frequency squared is actually the unit of resonance. So duration as experienced by both the greater Universe and the mind is a resonance, and not just a frequency. And instead of the physical Universe existing in a space-time coordinate system, it actually exists in a space-resonance coordinate system. However, the half-spin nature of subatomic particles limits physical matter to behave as though it is all spinning left, and all spinning in forward time, which gives the illusion that matter is flowing along with time.

So what do we do now that we have taken the red pill? We still have access to a body in a world of time, even though our mind can now function naturally and more comfortably from the present. We can still use the body according to the laws of physics, but we can simultaneously see beyond the limitations and trappings of time. Operating from the present, we interact more fully with what is happening here in the present, and give less attention to the perceived past and perceived future. We can see motion occurring as dynamic length (feet-hertz or meter-hertz), as opposed to length per time. We can systematically reprogram our brains to adjust our perception of all the other units involving duration, and see all physical processes in terms of the present, as opposed to processes extended into imagined realms of time where we cannot travel, and in which we have no control. We have no control of the past or future simply because they do not exist, but we do have control within the present.

The present is where our mind resides. The present is where our physical body actually resides. With our mind and our body in the same temporal frame of reference, they are synchronized. Now instead of the physical world controlling the mind, the mind is controlling the physical world. This new perception is completely upside down from the prevailing perception where time is considered to be real, and to be the bully of destiny. However, to the person living in the present, it is the rest of the world that is now upside down and living in the chaos that believing unquestionably in the past and future brings.

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