This web site is for research and development related to Aether physics. If you wish to become a participant, contact the site administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Social Media platform is for discussing the ideas presented here, but also for all alternative physics theories. The ability to network and socialize alternative physics ideas has been choked off by academia and Big Science, and so Aetherwizard is providing the venue we all need.

As for the ideas of the Aether Physics Model, they are based on the laws of physics and their purpose is to give us both a practical understanding of the physical world, but also a meaningful understanding of the greater non-material world. 

We have been taught to believe that only the material aspect of reality is real. Yet our mind, our feelings, space, time, the units of measurement, light, the fundamental forces, life, and numerous aspects of our physical existence are actually non-material, and yet they are also very real and even quantifiable. Take the unit of velocity; it is quantified in many ways, but simplified as length per time, or length times frequency. Velocity is not a material thing of itself, and yet we measure it with precision. Velocity is a non-material aspect of reality, which applies to the material world. 

The pages of this web site only begin to reveal the vastness of the Aether Physics Model, its depth, and its extended usage in science and in every day life. When the errors of the Standard Model (SM) of physics are understood and corrected, we can easily unify the fundamental forces using simple Newtonian type force laws. We can factor out a common denominator from the force "constants" and see that the fundamental forces have a common source. We can further see, mathematically, how this common source arises from a singularity. 

We can also see that while the physical world exists in space-time (four dimensional), it is merely a subset of a much greater reality existing in space-resonance (five dimensional). Imagine there are living beings on a three dimensional world (area-time). We do this every day when we watch television. We see these area-time dimensional worlds play out all kinds of scenarios, tell us the news, and tell us the weather. Our four dimensional reality with its extra dimension of length (space-time) is infinitely more vast in its experience than the three dimensional reality of area-time. Now imagine a five dimensional reality with an extra time dimension (space-resonance \(lengt{h^3} \times frequenc{y^2}\)) watching our physical world with as much interest. 

Contemplate the idea of how we four dimensional beings program the three dimensional televisions to provide different content and experiences. Now think about the five dimensional beings doing the same with our four dimensional world, but on a far grander scale and for far grander purposes. This is not fantasy. It is exactly what has been happening throughout the entire Universe to an infinite past, and it is what will continue to happen to an infinite future. The physical Universe did not pop up in a Big Bang, it exists for eternity.

Much more could be said right now, but that is what this web site is for, exploring our known physical realm, but also its connection to the non-material Fifth Dimension, of which the entire physical Universe is a very tiny part.