Researchers at University of Toronto were surprised to see quantum entanglement exhibited in photosynthesis.  Living things have direct access to the five-dimensional properties of the Aether, thus the ability to perform work received from sunlight can activate several proteins at once.

According to the Aether Physics Model, photons are five dimensional structures and take advantage of an extra dimension of frequency, which is not seen by physical matter.  This means the photons can take back door routes outside of our normal space-time reference.  This gives the appearance of energy manifesting in several places at once and also connecting information to several different locations without the appearance of "hard wiring."

In our macro world, such transfers of information are called "paranormal" events.  Since the five-dimensional Aether is not accepted by mainstream science, anything on the macro world involving quantum entanglement falls under the category of pseudo-science.

When quantum entanglement is witnessed by physicists, however, they explain this with the absurd idea that the quantum world works through probability functions.  Probability theory is used because the underlying structure is not understood.  Without the five-dimensional Aether, it is not possible to understand the mechanics driving photons carrying information between two or more seemingly unrelated locations.

Regardless of whether the mainstream chooses to investigate the non-material reality of Aether, those of us on the cutting edge can gain insights from these physics experiments.

If sunlight landing on algae can send energy and information to physically unconnected locations within the living system, it can also share it with different organisms.  Thus we can infer energy received from plants through photosynthesis can also share this energy with humans living in an environment filled with plants.

Many people are already aware of the extra vitality available from growing plants in homes and cultivating a harmonious biosphere in the space surrounding the home, place of work, and other locations.