BioAetherdynamics quantifies the mind in terms of Aether, where Aether is a fabric of quantum rotating magnetic fields that provide the canvas upon which the material world is drawn. In short, the entire physical Universe obtains its structure from the same structure that contains our thoughts, feelings, and sense of awareness. 

BioAetherdynamics provides a substrate, a foundation, upon which includes a quantum theory covering every aspect relating to the thoughts, feelings, and physical structures of all living things. Ultimately, the entire Universe views as a single living organism. BioAetherdynamics envelops the extremes of quantum existence and totality, and everything in between.

There is no separation of mind from life, or mind from body. Everything is a living system, and also part of other living systems. The material aspect of life includes its genesis, and its cessation, as well as the recycling of the material to produce new forms of life. 

The science behind BioAetherdynamics is the Aether Physics Model (APM), which bases on the same data as the Standard Model of mainstream science.  The data do not change in the Aether Physics Model, but the interpretation of the data and the tools for analyzing it do change.